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Leveraging your native English to help you learn French faster.

Hi, So You Want to Learn French?

But you think it might take too long, or that you’re too old, or that there’s no way you’d be able to learn an entirely new language as an adult. Fear not. The Fast French Formula is here to guide you. My name is Hervé (call me Bob if it I s easier to say), and I’ve lived in Canada since 2008. I grew up in Ivory Coast in western Africa and moved to France as a young man. So French is my native language. I help you leverage your native English to help you learn French faster. No need to start from scratch. Instead, we use the knowledge you already have and build on that. Every lesson uses the student’s knowledge of English and transfers that knowledge to French. If you know how to construct a sentence in English … guess what? You already know the rules for putting together a sentence in French. There are about 17,000 French words used in English. People use them every day and have no idea they are speaking in French. Words like avenue, boulevard, rendezvous, entrepreneur, and voyage to name just a few. French uses the same alphabet as English; many letters are pronounced exactly the same whether they are said in English or French. Give me 20 hours and I will help you accomplish your French language goals.

Why Fast French Formula?

Leveraging Your English

Maximizing Your Time


24/7 Support via call or text



– Government French training (all levels)

– Government French tests preparation (all levels)

– Zero to Functional in French

– Catapult Your French

►1/1 Training & coaching

► Use the 20 h as you go

► Sharable with family & friends

► $799.99 (possibility of 2 payments)

► Crypto currency accepted


– Government French training (all levels)

– Government French tests preparation (all levels)

– Zero to Functional in French

– Catapult Your French

►1/1 Training & coaching

► Use the 10 h as you go

► Sharable with family & friends

► $499.99 (possibility of 2 payments)

► Crypto currency accepted


– Weekly group meetings

– Weekly French lessons


– Weekly Mastermind group and coaching

► 1h30/meetings

►2 meetings/week

► Join when can

► $49.99/month


Susie Taylor. Columbus, Ohio

: My son has been trying to teach himself French for several years. He was learning the meanings of words, but the grammar rules and pronunciation were difficult. Until he started working with the Fast French Formula and Hervé. He feels so much more confident now and looks forward to continuing to learn French FAST.

Kwasi Appiah. Ottawa, Ontario

Hervé is an excellent French teacher. He is very patient with his students and knows how to make learning French so much fun. He taught and coached me so well in my preparation for the Federal Government SLE tests. I ended up obtaining Levels CCB!

Catia Pavoni. Montréal, Québec

I started using a Fast French Formula's teacher as my French instructor in January 2016. I have always struggled with finding the extra time to take French lessons in a classroom environment. Fast French Formula makes learning French, fast, easy and simple. It perfectly fits into my very busy schedule and I am able to use my new found confidence to speak French to my clients and in any situation that arises. I am so happy I joined Hervé's Fast French Formula program. It is a must if you want to finally learn French and become bilingual.

Stephen Whiteley. Ottawa, Ontario

I studied under Hervé and his Fast French program in 2018 for six months. His talents and techniques are magical. He left me being able to carry on a conversation in French in any context. I have taken many government French courses over the years including one on one tutoring. Hervé's training is the best I have ever taken. Very highly recommended.

Nick D. Ottawa, Ontario

The Fast French Formula's teacher focused on getting us speaking functional French quickly and within a few weeks I noticed a big difference in terms of my fluency and comfort level conversing en français. He also tailored his lessons to my professional context (a mental health care centre), so that I could develop the specialized vocabulary that I needed to function in my work setting a huge advantage.

Oscar A. Ottawa, Ontario

Bonjour Hervé, j'étais content de notre rencontre pour pratiquer mon français oral. J'ai eu mon examen il y a 2 semaines et j'ai eu le niveau B qui est assez pour moi pour continuer à mon poste de travail.

Mike A. Ottawa, Ontario

Hervé! Le cours que vous avez offert était bon. Il était de revisiter les fondamentaux de la grammaire. Merci pour votre classe.

Suzie. Ottawa, Ontario

Great teacher. Gets right to the point. Knows exactly what the learner needs to do and gives advice and focuses on areas to study outside of the lesson.

Gabby Horan. Ottawa, Ontario

''I have been studying with Fast French Formula once a week for about 15 months to help me learn French for my business. In addition to essential lessons in grammar the Fast French Formula’s teacher uses a multifaceted approach to help me learn Canadian French. We learned through books, stories, TV, videos and music to get an overall appreciation of the language. And I want to add, the the Fast French Formula s teacher has a very nice accent and I want to sound just like him.''

Jamie D. Ottawa, Ontario

Hervé was an amazing French tutor! He was very kind, patient and took the time in detail to go over the French rules and would be thorough in ensuring I understood the grammar rules I was being taught. I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn French!

Javier Ventura. Ottawa, Ontario

I’m currently taking classes with Hervé and I’m very pleased with the way he personalized the class to my needs. I used to take classes somewhere else and I felt I wasn’t learning at the pace I wanted, however, now I feel that I’m learning much faster than ever highly recommend him.