Fast French Formula

I Am Hervé, And I Will Help You Learn French FAST!

My name is Hervé, call me Bob if you have hard time saying Hervé.

Having been a French teacher in Canada since 2008, I have experimented with and researched the various ways French is taught throughout the world. I believe my Fast French Formula takes what you already know about French (and yes, you know much more than you think) and helps you become proficient in the language.

I help people learn French FAST!
My goal is to save you money and make it easier for you to use your new-found French-speaking ability to communicate effectively with some of the 300 million people in the world who speak French. Did you know French is  the only language, other than English, spoken on five continents.

I was born in Ivory Coast, have lived in France, and moved to Canada in 2008. I have a bachelor’s degree of education from the University of Ottawa in Ontario, Canada, and I am a member of the Ontario College of Teachers.
I believe that learning fast builds your confidence and reduces your frustration and stress. Won’t you join me and learn French FAST with me?